Have a question about Calligraphy? Check the popular questions below or let us know if you have anything else you'd like answered.

Calligraphy basics

What is Calligraphy?
Calligraphy is an online call logging service. With Calligraphy, you can record the details of any calls you receive at your company and easily notify the person who the caller was trying to reach.

Why should I use Calligraphy to manage my company's calls?
Calligraphy removes a lot of the traditional hassles of logging calls. Instead of waiting to the office to receive notes or call slips, employees at your company can be notified of new calls instantly - wherever they are. Employees will spend less time checking voice mail and more time talking with the people who want to reach them.

How can I be notified of calls with Calligraphy?
Calligraphy lets employees receive notifications in the way that best suits them. Every call logged with Calligraphy will send out an email instantly to the intended recipient with information about the caller and the message. Employees can also choose to receive a notification on their mobile device, either via SMS text message or by a simplified mobile email message. Finally, a history of all calls is available whenever any employee logs into his Calligraphy account.

Inviting users

How do I add more people in my company?
Every Calligraphy plan allows you to add up to a certain number of people in your company who will receive notifications of new calls for them. The person who created the company's Calligraphy account - or any users that person has specified as additional administrators - can click in the Users tab at any time within their Calligraphy account and invite more users in their company.

What are invitations?
Invitations are how you add more employees to your Calligraphy account. An account administrator can invite an employee by typing their email address in the sidebar of the Users tab. The new employee will receive an email message with a link to log in with a temporary password. Once they've logged in for the first time and set up their account, they'll be able to start receiving messages with Calligraphy.

How do I send an invitation to a company employee?
To send an invitation to a new employee, type the new user's email address in the box in the sidebar of the Users tab within your Calligraphy account. Only account administrators can add or change users.

What happens when an employee is invited?
The new user will receive an email after being invited to their company's Calligraphy account. The email contains a link to the Calligraphy login page as well as a temporary password. The new user can use the temporary password in combination with their email address to log in and set up their account. Once the account is set up, they'll be able to receive calls with Calligraphy.

Billing and payment

How much does Calligraphy cost?
There are a number of Calligraphy plans available depending on the size of your company and how many calls you plan to receive. We'll provide plan and pricing information before we launch Calligraphy.

What forms of payment can I use for Calligraphy?
Calligraphy lets you pay easily online via credit card. We'll charge your card monthly. Sorry, we don't accept check, invoices, or POs at this time.

How will I be charged?
We'll automatically charge your credit card each month on the same day you originally signed up for your Calligraphy account. If you signed up on the 14th, for example, you'll be charged your monthly rate on the 14th of each month. We'll send a notification if we ever have any trouble charging your account.

How do I change my plan or cancel my account?
The account owner can change or cancel a company's Calligraphy account by going into the Account area in Calligraphy. You'll be able to change your plan, change your billing information, or cancel your account from there.